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As I’m sure y’all have guessed…

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Butter Loverz has taken a serious break, and let’s just say a permanent one. Due to my graduation and relocation to the island of England, I will have to let the butter melt. Thank you all for your beautiful words and brilliant art and for helping me put together such lovely publications. Do keep in touch and keep the culture going in the dirty old brunz.


Andrea x



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So the theme of the next issue has been changed from Hairz to Apocalypz !!!

This just seems to be a better theme for all involved. Please submit entries of any kind relating to the world ending and death and destruction and all those pretty things to submissions.butterloverz@gmail.com.

Thanks kidz!

❤ Andrea

CHAPTER 2: What a monster.

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OK ok ok ok ok OK. FINALLY, Chapter 2: MONSTERZ! is here! Want one!?

CLICK ON THE BANANA!!!! Just use paypal to send me $3 and make sure you give your shipping address and I’ll send you a copy right to you Butter Loving doorstep! Isn’t technology swell?

Don’t have paypal? Or do you simply not trust the unreliable world wide web/credit card companies/postal service/procrastinating butter lover that runs this shit or that suspiciously goodlooking banana? (me neither…)

Well, believe it or not, there are other ways of getting your fix.

This week you can pick up a copy at the Traveling Tea House on Friday!!

That’s Friday, February 12th at 8:00 pm in the basement of 25 Huntington. There will be a FANTASTIC new business opening in the most unconventional of locations called the Traveling Tea House. It will be adorable, exciting and more important FRIENDLY! All are welcome and encouraged to check it out. Everything on the menu is only $1 AND they will be selling some Butter Loverz there ($3). So come and make some new friends!


In addition, I am once again accepting submissions for the next issue!!! The theme this time around is “Hairz”. Yes, that’s right Hairz. Body hair, facial hair, pubic hair, long, short, curly, all of the above. Be imaginative, get inspired and submit! Come on.. Butter and hair? You gotta be able to think of sumthin’.

Thanks again to all of the contributors of the last issue. I really appreciate it and it turned out really, really great! Here is the final list of those included in Butter Loverz Chapter 2: Monsterz!:

Amanda Rosenblatt
Alex Bienstock
Catherine DePalma
Pat Hannon
Josh Nalven
Ed V
Judah Levenson
Daniel Pillis
Marika Aleksandra
Andrea Kennedy

James Baduini
Alan Cano
Mike Bruno
Ethan Sherman
Dan Fig
Alec Gioseffi
Jackie Du
Mary Conlon
Emma Rackmil
John Sullivan
Swapna Maruri

much <3.